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There is evidence that Austria’s government is the most brutal and ruthless covid dictator worldwide which has applied unscientific rules to oppress and divide people. The goal: Prepare people for the digital gulag

The Austrian government uses INDOCTRINATION to make the uncritical thinking population accept their goals, and actions such as wearing masks, lockdowns, and forced vaccination. This short blog post examines the background, actions, and ways to bring the society from the WAHLDEMOKRATIE to the CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRACY back again.

The Austrian past as a traditionally anti-Semitic, fascist and National Socialist country, where the citizens subordinate themselves to every regime as subjects, was used in the Covid pandemic by the Covid dictators of the ÖVP, SPÖ, GRÜNE and NEOS to suppress the population with massive propaganda support from the compliant media and to force TOTAL OBEDIENCE. This is why these covid dicators need to go before a Covid tribunal because of their Crimes against humanity
Democracy Now!

In January 2021, Austria was the first country in the world to introduce an N95/FFP2 mask mandate at the national level. The mandate was further expanded in September 2021. Nevertheless, by November 2021 Austria reported the highest infection rate in the world.

Pressuring people into getting vaccinated (e.g. through a “no jab, no job” scheme) must be seen as a major medical crime and a crime against humanity, especially given the ignored superiority of natural immunity and well-documented vaccine-related health risks – VACCINE A REALITY CHECK – SWISS POLICY RESEARCH

RapidKnowHow Learning Points

Find out the learning points about how Austria’s government manages the Covid Pandemic and the short-term and long-term threats for Austria and its people.