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Empires' hegemonic strategies first satisfied the hegemon's lust for power and greed, then they destroyed cultures and murdered people. In the end all their leaders and societies corrupted and the empires' perished.

Understanding geopolitics is simple: The US regime wants to dominate Earth and Space
- Politically
- Militarally
- Economically

They want to be the almighty rulers, the rest of us human beings are their vassals

In these global turbulent times, leaders need simple tools to understand the driving forces behind political decisions and understand the opportunities and risks for their businesses.

I found a simple tool that helps you to undertake a geopolitical analysis for future success. Enjoy!

By the end of this short post, you’ll be able to:

  • Understanding of geopolitics and why it leads to insight into global events and sometimes leads to accurate future events
  • Understanding why geography and the consequences of a nation’s access to natural resources, its ease to access to the outside world, and its internal transportation systems are critical geostrategic issues
  • Getting insight into why Russia needs buffer states for its security
  • Demonstrating cultures and history of nations as sources of conflicts
  • Knowing the basic needs of nations and geographies when considering investments
  • Applying Geopolitical Analysis: Case Study : GREECE ,CHINA