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The 1-Hour eSales Leader – Action Guide to Turn Your eVision into The eSales Project Plan in 9 weeks Using RapidKnowHow

Chris Patton, the newly appointed VP eBusiness at InnovaGas is thinking to develop an eBusiness strategy to make InnovaGas the eBusiness Leader in the Industrial Gas Sector by the end of 2021.

After defining the project, John gets started outlining the project plan to be delivered to the steering committee.

He uses the 1-Hour eSales Leader business model to create the eSales Project Plan in three steps:

Step 1: Strategic As-Is Analysis

First, he starts defining the eVision for InnovaGas by involving the steering committee members.

Next, he defines the customer segments, their problems and needs and develops a value proposition for each defined segment

After having defined customers segments he develops the channel strategy which demonstrates how to deliver value for each segment.

Finally, he’ll design a leadership assessment model for identifying and choosing leadership talents.

Step 2: Envision The Future

Following the strategic as-is analysis, John is going to create and evaluate eSales Opportunities for delivering quick-wins which help to establish the confidence of the steering committee and the key stakeholders in the project success. He involves members of his sales team to develop and choose the best opportunities.

Step 3: Creating the Business Case

Finally, John transfers each selected eSales Opportunity into a Business Case which shows the CASH-FLOW stream for each eSales Opportunity.

The eSales Project Plan

Lastly, John creates an eSales Project Plan which he discusses the project proposal with the steering committee. His goal is to convince the steering committee to give the green light for starting the project. That’s why he puts emphasizes on creating solid business cases to demonstrate how the cases generate operating cash-flows in eight to twelve weeks.


Today, we’ve learned how to turn your eVision into an eSales Project Plan in nine weeks. Now it’s Your Turn. Wish You All Success!


RapidKnowHow provides eBusiness project planning know-how to help executives getting started generating cash-flow streams.