The 1-Hour eSales Leader – How to Turn Your eVision into Quick Wins in Five Days Using RapidKnowHow (Case: InnovaGas)

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The 1-Hour eSales Leader – Business Model to Turn Your eVision into Quick Wins in Five Days Using RapidKnowHow (Case: InnovaGas)

Chris Patton, the newly appointed VP eBusiness of InnovaGas is getting started sketching out the business model to show how to turn the eVision into Quick Wins.

The Action Guide: Turning Your eVision into Quick Wins in Five Steps in Five Days

Next, he outlines a simple action guide to turn the eVision into Quick Wins in Five Steps in Five Days:


  1. Defining eVision for InnovaGas
  2. Defining Customer Segments
  3. Defining the eSales Strategy
  4. Mapping eSales Opportunities
  5. Determining the Quick Wins


Creating a Vision Statment
Creating Customer Segments
Crafting the eSales Strategy
Outlining the eSales Opportunities
Setup the Quick Wins


Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5

Turning Your eVision into Quick Wins in Five Steps in Five Days

Step 1: Defining the eVision for InnovaGas

In the first place, John creates the eVision for InnovaGas that expresses the ambition and strategic intent of InnovaGas and gives a clear direction to the sales organization

He identifies all the key stakeholder as customers, partners, employees and the society that are critical to the future of InnovaGas.

He describes the vision for 3-5 years. He uses the term ambition which less likely brings cynicism.

He brainstorms the vision-specific to each of the stakeholders. He asks the question: In 3-5 years, how would I like …. (the stakeholders) to see InnovaGas?)

Finally, he develops the sentences that will be his vision statement for each stakeholder.

The vision should be stretching but achievable

Creating a Vision Statement: Example InnovaGas – Customers and Employees


  • Reliable (Quality, Product Availability, )
  • Solution Provider
  • Innovative Leader
  • Mutual Beneficial Business Relationships


  • Empowerment
  • Leadership Development
  • Challenging Career Opportunities

Customer Vision Statement

Customers consider us best in reliability, safety, efficiency and innovation.
They like our proactive approach in providing solutions that help customers decrease total cost of ownership of industrial gases.

Employee Vision Statement

Employees stay with InnovaGas becomes they are proud of being involved in thriving challenging programs and projects to become the innovation leader in the industrial gas sector

Step 2: Defining Customer Segments

After creating the eVision statement of InnovaGas, John defines the different customer groups he aims to reach and serve.

To satisfy customer needs, he starts grouping them into distinctive segments with common needs.

He focuses on the most important customers who want build mutually beneficial business relationships

Defining Customer Segments – Example Industrial Gases

  • Large Cutting and Welding Customers
  • Small C&W Customers , Lifestyle and Propane Customers
  • Metallurgy
  • Food
  • Chemicals
  • On Site & Pipeline
  • Hospital
  • Homecare
  • Specialties

Step 3: Creating the eSales Strategy

Next, John defines the short-term and medium-term eSales strategy aligned to the quick win opportunities and strategic aims.

He creates a simple two step eSales Strategy

Creating the eSales Strategy

    – Rapid implement basic requirements and identified quick wins that generate multiple cash-flow streams within one quarter.
    – Start phased opportunity implementation approach to drive cash-flow generation.

Step 4: Mapping eSales Opportunities

Now, John will lead a one-day workshop with his sales team to identify, evaluate and choose the basic requirements for a functioning eBusiness model and quick-win eSales opportunities.
The Workshop revealed seven eServices, five eChannels and one opportunity family for process automation.

The Result of the eSales Opportunity Workshop:

Next John outlines a simple overview of the basic requirements and quick wins

Step 5: Determining Basic Requirements and Quick Wins

Lastly, he outlines the basic requirements and quick wins which should be developed as priority in the sales organization Q4 2020.

Basic Requirements

– Build an Industrial Gas Authority Website

– Contact Information
– Sales and Service Personnel
– Frequently Asked Questions
– Troubleshooting
– Product and Application Sheets
– Video Demonstrations of Applications etc.

Quick Wins

– Industrial Gas Application Videos
– Industrial Gas Safety, Health and Environment Videos

– Products
– Services (Technical, Administrative and Financial )

– Complaint Handling
– Webinars
– Web-Based University

– Content Marketing for Building Industrial Gas Authority to Attract Customers Online
– SEO Optimized, Easy Readable Posts to Turn Visitors into Readers and Leads Rapidly
– Conversion Focused Landing Pages and Sales Pages
– Establishing Campaign Management to Drive eSales


Today, we’ve learned how to create eSales Opportunities that drive eSales rapidly.
Now it’s your turn! Wish You All Success!


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