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The Sales Leader 

Action Guide to Turn Your Sales Capacity into New Sales Rapidly

Hello and Welcome!
Today we’ll learn how to turn your sales capacity into new sales rapidly

An effective solution to increase your new sales without taking on new sales force is to increase the effective sales time.

Reduce the number of meetings, optimize your travel time and reduce administrative work for your sales staff.

Use a simple dashboard to develop a management tool that allows you to calculate and easily present your potential.

You’ll find an example in the video workshop.

Your Customer Portfolio
First, determine your active customer portfolio to find out the number of customers per customer segment.

Most Profitable Customers
Next, you’ll identify those customers with whom you’ve excellent relationships on all management levels AND who are leaders in their sectors which makes them partners in business development.

Turn Sales Capacity into New Sales
Now, you calculate the effective sales time per year. Then, continue setting a measurable goal for your effective sales time and the concrete measures how you will achieve this goal.

Taking Actions
Finally, determine the most important actions to achieve your goal.

Congratulations, we learned today how to make your sales activities more effective and efficient.
Now it’s Your turn. I wish you all success.