Becoming The Sales Leader – How to Find Out Your Sales Competitiveness in One Hour

The One-Hour Sales Leader – How to Find Out Your Sales Competitiveness in One Hour

The goal of this short video workshop is to help you find out your sales competitiveness in one hour

If you want to become the sales leader in your sector, you need to know your competitive strengths and weaknesses versus the best competitors in your field.
That’s why we created this short video workshop to help you to find out your competitiveness rapidly.

The Process
The first thing you need is a simple process that helps you identify your competitiveness in three easy steps.

Step 1: Benchmarking Your Sales Competitiveness
The aim of this step is to determine the competitiveness of the key market players.
It’s best to do this exercise with your sales team.
The details are described in the video.

Step 2: Analyse Your Sales Competitiveness
After benchmarking the main competitors, you’ll get a quick overview of the competitiveness according to the sales categories

Step 3: Report Your Sales Competitiveness
At the end, you will get a final one-page report where you can see the competitiveness of each market player by category.

Thank You
I hope this short video workshop will help you to strengthen your market position. I wish You All Success!

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