Becoming The Sales Leader – How to Thrive Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty [Industrial Gases]

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The One-Hour Sales Leader – How to Thrive Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

The goal of this short video workshop is to help you to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by learning how to match your customer needs with sales skills in one hour

The one universal super-sales person that can sell ice cream to Eskimos is a myth.
Salespersons develop themselves into one of four customer groups dependent on the market environment and the customer needs for products and services
That’s why we created this short video workshop to help you match your sales person’s skills with your customer needs.

The Process
The first thing you need is a simple process that helps you to match your salespeople skills with your customer needs in three easy steps.

Step 1: Create Customer Needs Matrix – Case Industrial Gases
The aim of this step is to identify the customer segments according to the different needs.
It’s best to do this exercise with your sales team.
The details are described in the video.

Step 2: Describe the Sales Person’s Skill Profile
Next, identify your sales skills that demonstrate how you create, deliver and capture value successfully.

Step 3: Match Customer Needs with Sales Person’s Skills
Lastly, you will match the customer needs of every single segment with the sales skills.

Thank You
I hope this short video workshop will help you to strengthen your market position. I wish You All Success!