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Why Technocractic Politicians and Business Leaders use the Covid-19 Pandemic to establish the digital dictatorship?

How Politicians and Business Leaders Use the Covid-19 Pandemic to Establish The Digital Dictatorship

How Politicians and Business Leaders Want to Establish Digital Dictatorship

How Technocratic Politicians and Business Leaders Use the Covid-19 Pandemic to Establish Digital Dictatorship

The ultimate goal is to getting control over peoples behaviour by a mixture of scare tactics and manipulation to get people obey voluntarily

Next they create fear by communicating the threat of thousands of deaths without giving any evidence

Then they use data nobody can validate. Based on this tactic , politicians imposing Lockdowns of the whole public system step-by-step

Next, they mobilize the masses for badly organized and questionable tests

The perfidious goal of the tests is to collect data for developing population profiles and make people obedient

The next goal is to establish a digital surveillance system to better control the peoples behaviour and tracing them effectively

The media play a key role in this process. They are the driver for bombarding people with information, data, interviews with so-called experts. The ultimate goal is to make people confused, afraid and therefore even more obedient.

Finally, people obey to whatever the reckless politicians and business leaders are imposing on them. People act like a flock of sheep.

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