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Driving Future Growth of The Industrial Gas Business

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Today we’ll learn why the Basemarket provides a strategic opportunity for long-term profitable growth  for professional industrial gas companies

The Basemarket includes the segments: Cutting and Welding, Home Care and Retail. It is of vital importance for the Industrial Gas Sector now and in the future

The Base Market constitutes around 70% of the total gas operation turnover with an even larger share in profits.

The Basemarket is still growing in both the established markets and emerging markets

The Basemarket also has a substantial profit potential with comparatively low investment requirements

Top Management needs to give the base market business a high priority with extensive top management attention by Top Management Champions steering basemarket development programs

The Base Market is essentially a service business . Committed companies should therefore establish competitive edge by developing attractive and unique service and knowhow packages for each market segment

The Base market is also to a large extent a local business. Savvy companies, however, transfer base market knowhow within the group and using the combined strength of all their companies to reach common objectives. They avoid  “reinventing the wheel”.

That’s why they create knowledge universities and information packages like a “InnovaGas Base Market Business Manual”. It is based upon common knowledge and experience gained during many years on many markets.

Engaged industrial gas companies create specific action programs for local markets using common know-how to get out in front in the 2020s rapidly and sustainably

Today we’ve learned why the basemarket provides a strategic opportunity for long-term profitable growth . Hope you’ll take the “bull by the horns”

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