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Hello RapidKnowHow Readers!

Our planet Earth is under threat to be destroyed by ruthless politicians and greedy, financially driven shareholders. That’s why I’ll demonstrate practical ways and strategies for sustainability leaders to save our planet Earth. Join me in actively participating in the process. See You!

Defining Sustainability Development

Sustainable Development is the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. GRO HARLEM BRUNDTLAND

Sustainable Development is the development where Ecological sustainability, Social desirability, and Economic viability overlap.

Sustainable Development means dedicated leaders create sustainable processes that are actionable. The goal is to learn in action by planning > acting > observing > evaluating > correcting

Deploying Sustainable Development

First, leaders may start exploring their values, beliefs, and circumstances in relation to a specific sustainable development situation.

Values If you want to lead a sustainable lifestyle, then you need to create and live in an environment (business, private, geography)

Beliefs If your goal is to become a good citizen, who wants to dedicate your day-to-day life to creating sustainable value for other people, then you need to establish networks with like-minded people using the people of social networks like Twitter.

Circumstances If your goal is to make our planet EARTH more sustainable, then you need to get started by measuring your own footprint .

Today, we’ve explored the basics of sustainability. Wish You all success in converting your consumer-driven lifestyle into a sustainable lifestyle.