Becoming The B2B Sustainability Leader- Attracting Leadership Talents

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To Attract Best Sustainability Leadership Talents is one of the most important strategic actions for companies who want to thrive sustainability successfully.

That’s why we created this sustainability business case map for attracting the best sustainability talents rapidly and efficiently.

How to Attract Top Sustainability Talents Rapidly

There are two main processes to reach our goal:

The Strategy Process: How to Attract Top Sustainability Leadership Talents

The Business Case Process: How to Get Buy-In from Your Sustainability Champion

The Sustainability Business Map; How to Attract Top Sustainability Leadership Talents Rapidly helps you to attract sustainabilty leadership talents to your company rapidly.

How to Attract Sustainability Talents Rapidly and Sustainably

1. Create Your Sustainability Leadership Database

First, you’ll design your sustainability leadership database to encourage potential leaders to register immediately.

Outline your sustainability vision, mission, strategy and key benefits of your company versus other companies as regards to sustainability. One of the critical items is that you demonstrate how you make individuals visible by promoting their personal brands.

2. Test Sustainability Leadership Database

Next, you’ll test your sustainability leadership database with some of your program leaders in your organization.

Ask three simple questions:

  • Would you opt-in to our sustainability leadership database after reading the landing page?
  • If yes, what are the main criteria for your decision?
  • If no, what are the key obstacles?

After getting the input from your colleagues, update the database.

3. Launch Sustainability Leadership Database

After creating the version 1.0 of your sustainability leadership database, you’ll make a launch plan.

Preferably you’ll launch your leadership database in-house to attract leaders from other countries or divisions. This will ensure you take a global approach from the very beginning.

3. Attract Sustainability Leadership Talents

Lastly, you’ll create a list of people who signed-in to your database and distribute to your sustainability champion and to your program team members.

Making the Business Case for Attracting Top Sustainability Talents

Next, you’ll make your business case for providing hard facts on how the sustainability initiative generates benefits impact on the bottom line.

Sustainability Strategy: Attracting Best Sustainability Leadership Talents

The sustainability image of your company attracts sustainability talents who seek a company with an inspiring mission and an exciting challenge like: We Help Saving the Planet.

You’ll communicate your sustainability mission through various channels to your target club. One effective way is to use LinkedIn.

Potential Benefits of a Sustainability Image

Investing in communicating your sustainability image helps to attract sustainability talents to your website and sign-in to your sustainability leadership database. That way you create a targeted inbound communication channel.

Savings on Recruitment Costs

You’ll save costs for recruitment agents and managing your own job site.

Net Savings

You’ll generate net savings from avoiding out-of-pocket expenses for recruitment agencies and managing your job portal.
On the other hand, you’ll attract targeted sustainability leadership talents from around the world to your sustainability leadership database.


Today we’ve learned how to craft a strategy for attracting leadership talent globally. The business case demonstrates the potential net savings by investing in your sustainability image.

Next, we’ll create the business case for retaining your best talents. Stay tuned.