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The B2B Leader
Achieving Your Leadership Goal Rapidly

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To be successful in the digital age, business executives need a simple, proven business system to execute business strategies rapidly.
That’s why we created the RapidKnowHow LEADERSHIP System for Leaders who want to achieve their leadership goal rapidly.

The B2B SALES LEADER – Driving Sales Growth by Penetrating Low Share Key Accounts Rapidly

Apply the LEAD STRATEGY: Connect to 50 Buying Centre People of Low Share Key Accounts on LinkedIn by Q1 20
Achieve the DELIVERABLE: Increase Sales to Low Share Key Accounts from 100 M$/€ to 110 M$/€ by Q2 20

One of the simple ways to demonstrate how to turn your lead strategy into deliverables.

KISS – keep it simple, stupid: your boss will like it. Why?

It shows how your strategy turns into measurable results in a logical, straightforward manner. All Success! 

The B2B PRODUCT LEADER – Creating Minimum Viable Digital Products Rapidly

Apply the LEAD STRATEGY: Create Your Minimum Viable Product by interviewing at least 10 trusted people from your former customers, existing customers by the end of Q1 20.

Ask open-ended questions:

-How do you buy product x?

-How do you use product y?

-What are your challenges with product z?

Achieve the DELIVERABLE:

One of the best lead strategies to increase your new sales is to launch the minimum viable product (MVP) as a prototype to your chosen people

The B2B OPEN BUSINESS LEADER – Launching Innovative Business Models to Expand the Market in One Quarter

Adoption of the OPEN BUSINESS MODEL often marks a fundamental paradigm shift in an industrial company’s business logic.
However, companies like Proctor & Gamble leveraged collaborative value creation with its innovative CONNECT & DEVELOP Open Business Model

Openness refers to the inclusion of outside partners in creating innovative business models into normally closed value creation processes. The precise cooperation model is not set in stone but is based on the concept of collaboration in creating a mutually beneficial business partnership

The B2B MARKET SHAPER – Driving Market Expansion Leadership

If you want to become the market leader in the digital age, then you need to drive market expansion by launching innovative business models constantly.

Apply the LEAD STRATEGY:  Creating and Launching 4 Innovative Business Models per Year

Achieve the DELIVERABLE:  Be the first to market INNOVATIVE BUSINESS MODELS successfully

This strategy helps to have a relatively good idea of your users’ real problems and know possible solutions.

The next step is to create the MVP the smallest (low cost, time-efficient) possible solution in a way that is better than solutions out there by the end of Q2 20.

The B2B DIGITAL  LEADER– Driving Digital Leadership

If you want to become the digital leader, then you need to drive digital product leadership by creating and launching branded digital products rapidly

Apply the LEAD STRATEGY:  Creating and Launching 4 Branded Digital Products per Year