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The 1-Hour Transformation Leader Action Guide to Move Towards Sustainability Leadership

Christine LaBleue, General Manager of InnovaGas, the leading industrial gas digital leader, is thinking about how she could transform her company from the operational leader to the sustainability leader by the end of 2022.

Christine needs a simple business strategy map to show how to achieve stakeholder leadership by rapid strategic business transformation.

Christine is pretty clear about her request:

  • A-One Page Strategy Map that shows how to :
    • Build Business Transformation by building leadership capabilities to establish business processes to create innovative business offers to reach a specific business goal
    • Deliver Stakeholder Leadership by transforming the InnovaGas business model from operational efficiency to customer value to the business innovation model toward sustainability

The Stakeholder Leadership Map

Upon Christine’s request, RapidKnowHow designed a simple stakeholder leadership map that helps Christine to thrive business transformation toward stakeholder leadership by the end of 2022.

Use the stakeholder leadership map to discuss with your management team how to move from the operation efficiency business model to the sustainability model by 2022. Wish You All Success 

Moving from Shareholder Value to Stakeholder Leadership

Moving from Operation Economy Leader  to The Stakeholder Collaboration Leader

The Operation Economy Leader offers business solutions for optimizing operation cost. He delivers the lowest operating costs in his sector.

The On-Demand Leader guarantees availability and consistent quality of his products and services. He creates customer value by automatic replenishment of products aligned to customers consumption needs. 

The Unique Market Space Leader creates and launches innovative business models. He wants to become the innovation leader by shifting from head-to-head competition to shaping the new market space.

The Stakeholder Collaboration Leader establishes strategic collaboration with his most innovative and collaborative stakeholders to thriving sustainability.

The 1-Hour Transformation Leader

Get Started

RapidKnowHow recommends starting the business transformation process in three steps:

  1. Discussing and Determining the Strategic Opportunities with the Top Management Team 
  2. Agreeing on the Program Management Team
  3. Presenting the Start-up Program within 4 Weeks

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RapidKnowHow is the leading transformation strategy provider for the industrial gas industry.

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