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Today we‘ll demonstrate how to design and deliver successful business presentations by establishing our strategy framework in action. Enjoy!

The RapidKnowHow Process starts by defining the question of how to do to get a specific result.

Next, we determine the message of the problem-solving approach to get the result. We‘ll use a chart that demonstrates the process.

Then we define the recommended strategy followed by reviewing the conclusion and providing evidence to reach a conclusion

Finally, we recommend Go/ or No Go based on conclusions A, B, and C
Now we‘ll show a business case to demonstrate the strategic framework in action.

Our strategic question is whether the company J.J. Limited should proceed in the US Market. To counter the limited growth in the home market.

We recommend that the company J.J. Limited shall proceed on the US Market

The reason why we recommend that the company J.J. Limited shall proceed in the US Market is to capitalize on the US opportunities

These are the conclusions WHY we recommend J.J. Limited to proceed in the US Market to capitalize on US opportunities

A. The US is the world‘s leading economy
B. US Industry returns are attractive
C. The Barriers to entry can be overcome

A. The United States is the world‘s leading economy

1. Largest Share of the World‘s GNP

2. Most Foreign Trade

3. Expected Increase in Foreign Investments

B. The US Industry Returns are attractive

4. Rigorous Cost Control

5. Solid Competitive Position

6. Innovation Leader

C.Barriers to entry can be overcome

7. Markets Fragmented

8. Customers receptive

Based on the analysis from previous slides, we recommend that J.J. Limited shall PROCEED entering the US Market. Thank You! Any Questions?