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It’s a matter of fact that relevance, credibility, followers and connections play an essential part in the LinkedIn algorithm.

Hootsuite.com demonstrates how the LinkedIn algorithm works.

9 Strategies to Build Your LinkedIn Audience

  1. Create Professional LinkedIn Profile and Company Page
    Fill out your LinkedIn profile and company page as entirely as you can, and keep them updated.
  2. Connecting with RELEVANT People
    Add connections (people you know, or think would be interesting to see updates from).
  3. Make Your Employees Your Ambassadors
    Encourage employees to indicate they work at your company.
  4. Build a CREDIBLE Follower Network
    Follow others and attract followers, they are different than connections on LinkedIn.
  5. Become a LinkedIn Network Development Leader
    Participate in LinkedIn Groups, or host your own.
  6. Adopt First You – Then Me Attitude
    Give and receive recommendations.
  7. Become a Visible Leader
    Make sure your LinkedIn profile is public, so more people can find you, add you and see your posts (especially Publisher or Pulse posts).
  8. Build Your CREDIBILITY 
    Join conversations and be active on the network, generally.
  9. Promote Your LinkedIn Profile and Company Pages On Multiple Digital Channels
    Promote your LinkedIn profiles and Company pages on your website and in other appropriate spaces (e.g., employee bios, business cards and brochures, email newsletters, email signatures, etc.).

Josef David, MSc MBA has been a professional in the field of international business development for the last 30+ years.
He has established and grown dozens of manufacturing businesses, service initiatives and digital business models successfully.
Josef owns and manages the RapidKnowHow platform which provides a breakthrough, actionable business models and strategies for service providers who want to become leaders in their sectors in the digital age.

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