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In these series of posts we’ll present digital business models for experts who want to reinvent their career and service providers who want to sell their expertise online.
Discover how you can create your digital accounting expert model in one hour.

You want to establish your digital accounting expert business rapidly and become a go-to expert in digital accounting.
You need a proven, simple digital business model to get started successfully.
That’s why I created this short 5 step process that helps craft your digital accounting expert model in an hour.

1. Define Your Ideal Client
Your ideal client is a person you like and for whom you can create sustainable value

2. Understanding Customer Needs
Identifying pain points and wants of your target clients

3. Creating Your Service Offer
Define your service offer and how it creates value for your target clients.

4. Delivery Channels
Through which channels you’ll deliver your business offer to your target clients.

5. Capture Value
Which Value our customers are willing to pay and how?

Creating a Digital Accounting Expert Model in One Hour

1. Define Your Ideal Client
Your ideal clients are SME service providers who are seeking the convenience, better price for your high-quality accounting service.

2. Understanding Customer Needs
Their need is to have access to a highly qualified accounting expert who offers one-on-one accounting advisory online and offline communication channels. He is able in providing accounting consultancy in English.

3. Creating Your Service Offer
You provide your accounting advisory services online and offline. Online via your website www.domain-com, you run an accounting expert blog that helps your client solve common problems rapidly, and you also provide an on-demand Telefon service: Call Now with 1-Click where your prospects 5nd clients can reach you via their mobile phones.

4. Delivery Channels
You create and deliver accounting guides in your field of specialisation, best-practice examples from international experts via YouTube videos on your website.
You might set up a membership site for offering your expertise to your targeted high-value clientele.

5. Capture Value
You know from your experience with your current clients how you can charge them for your services.
You can charge them for your advisory per hour or online session.
As payment channels, you can provide credit card payment, PayPal or other online payment channels and direct transfer to your account.

Josef David, MSc MBA has been a professional in the field of international business development for the last 30+ years.
He has established and grown dozens of manufacturing businesses, service initiatives and digital business models successfully.
Josef owns and manages the RapidKnowHow platform which provides breakthrough, actionable business models and strategies for service providers who want to become leaders in their sectors in the digital age.

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