The 1-Hour Digital Leader – How Do You Apply Digital Value Propositions That Work

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Find out 5 value propositions of digital leaders that illustrate how to crreate a competitive business offer rapidly.

The value proposition ensures that your target client prefers your organisation versus your competitor.
Your value proposition solves a customer problem in a way your customer wants.
That’s why I created this short post to help describe your value proposition rapidly.

5 Value Propositions of Digital Leaders

We’ll use this formula for describing the five value propositions in a consistent way:
The [Brand] provides [Value Proposition] for [Target Audience].
We do that by [business offer] that [delivers value].

1. RapidKnowHow provides innovative business models and breakthrough strategies for digital leaders.
We do that by offering actionable business solutions that turning your goal into measurable results rapidly.

2. Online Coaching Platform
[Brand] provides problem-solving expertise on demand for business executives from around the world.
We do that by connecting real-life experts with business executives on demand.

3. Affiliate Marketing Campaign Manager
[Brand] provides affiliating strategy advise for online business start-ups.
We do that by offering campaign management that drives your affiliate sales effectively.

4. Business Blogging Consultancy
[Brand] provides business blogging strategy development for manufacturing businesses that want to use blogging as the engine that drives business development.
We do that by establishing a complete business blogging system that drives traffic and accelerates growth.

5. Supply Chain Leader: Case – Industrial Gas Leader
[Brand] provides supply chain leadership strategy for global innovative key-account customers from the manufacturing-, chemical-, and metallurgy sector.
We do that by establishing strategic partnerships with innovative leaders from each sector to drive total cost of ownership optimisation of the entire value chain.

Josef David, MSc MBA has been a professional in the field of international business development for the last 30+ years.
He has established and grown dozens of manufacturing businesses, service initiatives and digital business models successfully.
Josef owns and manages the RapidKnowHow platform which provides breakthrough, actionable business models and strategies for service providers who want to become leaders in their sectors in the digital age.

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