The 1-Hour Sales Leader – How to Calculate Your Industrial Gas Sales Capacity

You want to determine if you have enough sales capacity to generate new business related to your budget goals.

Here you'll get a proven 6-step process that will make you find out if your sales capacity is sufficient for delivering your sales budget goals​

How to calculate your sales capacity in 6 steps?

The main criteria for the number of sales people must be the amount of new business available.

The goal is to classify your customers by business development potential.

This must be done by the sales person at budget time and refined monthly.

A classification of A,B,C,D customers is used.

Download our excel dashboard below to calculate your sales capacity.

The sales capacity calculation dashboard assists you in increasing the performance of your sales organization. 

You can work on getting a higher number of visits per day and increasing the number of effective working days.

As for business development, you'll dedicate your sales people's time to getting new business from existing customers, developing new prospects and gaining competitive knowledge.

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