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The 1-Hour Sales Leader – How to Discover Your Industrial Gas Sales People Customer Orientation

You want to discover customer orientation of your sales people to improving value creation for your customers.

Here you'll get a simple process that will make you recognize customer orientation of your sales staff in ONE day.

How to discover customer orientation of your sales people in ONE day?

Have a meeting with your sales people discussing customer orientation, goal setting, how they work today, which tools they use etc.

After that meeting your should be able to answer the following questions from your sales person's point of view.


No : 1 - Yes : 5 


Do you know your goals
and objectives?

Do you know for which
customers you are responsible?

Do you make a written plan
for the upcoming week and
discuss it with your manager?

Is the price list the basis for
your pricing decision?

Do you have notes available
to everybody from your customer visits?

Do you measure the number 
of visits you make per week?

Do you have a profile list of your

Do you get regular reports to run
your business?

Do you have a list of potential
customers your are working with?

Based on the results of the survey above, decide if you need a total overhaul of your sales performance management system and/or if you need to focus on specific areas.
The questions which you have rated 3 or lower should be considered as areas of concern.

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