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You want to calculate your sales capacity quickly to increase your sales efficiency.
However, you don’t have a proven process to perform this task.

Here’s my proven process with which you can successfully carry out his task.

How to Calculate Your Sales Capacity Quickly to Increase Your Sales Efficiency?

Watch the video, where you can follow the individual steps to the result.

Step – 1 Update Number of Total Amount of Customers

The first step in the workshop is to update your number of customers in each business area.
Fill in the number of customers from your business area database.

Step – 2 Calculate Effective Sales Days

Next you’ll calculate how many days the sales persons have available for visiting customers.
Add items as you like. In the example a sales person has 150 effective sales days.

Step – 3 Fill in the Average Sales Visits per Sales Person / Day

Here you’ll fill in the names of your sales people and the average number of sales visits per effective day.
Fill in your sales persons’ names and their average visits per day.

Step – 4 Define Sales Visits per Customer Group / Year

Now you’ll define the sales visits per customer group and year.
Define the number of visits for each customer category per year.

Step 5 – Number of Customer Visits per Sales Person / Year

Finally you’ll fill in the number of customers from the database for each sales person.
For each sales person, fill in the number of customers in each category.

Dashboard: Sales Performance Development

This is the result of your one hour work: The Sales Performance Development Dasbboard
Analyse and communicate planned versus actual sales capacity per sales person each month.

Use the tool to increase your sales efficiency.

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