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You want to discover your effective sales time rapidly to increase your sales efficiency.
However, you don’t have a proven process to perform this task.

Here is my proven process with which you can successfully carry out his task.

How to Discover Your Effective Sales Time Rapidly to Increase Your Sales Efficiency?

Watch this video, where you can follow the individual steps to the result.

Step – 1 Create Sales Policies for Direct Customers

First you’ll need a sales policy for direct customers to make your sales people focus on delivering value to your primary cash flow generating customers.
Create your sales policy for direct customers using my Sales Policy for Direct Customers Tool

Step – 2 Find Out Overall Goals and Objectives

Next you’ll spot the overall objectives and goals for your company.
Find Out the vision, strategic goals and market framework of your company. You can use my checklist.

Step – 3 Define Effective Sales Days

Before setting measurement criteria, you’ll want to identify what sales people REALLY do.
Use this simple form to define effective sales days.

Step – 4 Find Out Effective Sales Time

Appoint a few sales people which are representative for your business area and customer group.
Let them fill in the form during a week.

Step 5 – Discover Effective Sales Time

Finally, make a chart spotting effective sales days.
Get the result. Make a quick analysis comparing effective sales days from slide 5 with your result.
In our case the actual effective sales days are 20 days below th calculated.

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