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You want to set your sales objectives to deliver your sales budget.
However, you don’t have a proven process to perform the task.

Here’s my proven process with which you can carry out the task.

How to Set Your Sales Objectives to Deliver Your Sales Budget?

Watch the video, where you can follow the individual steps to the final result.

Step – 1 Define Sales Responsibilities

First you’ll define sales tasks, next you’ll relate to sales person’s responsibility and set priority.
Define your sales people’s prime responsibility by checking off the list. Set priorities from 1-high to 3-low.

Step – 2 Plan Sales Time

You can influence the split up of the working days.
Based on the analysis in the sales time workshop., fill in how you would like your sales people utilise their time.

Step – 3 Segment Sales People

Now you need to decide how your customer base is split among your sales people.
Split the customer base among different groups of sales people.

Step – 4 Choose & Weigh Sales Goals

It’s important that the sales criteria are in line with and contribute to your company’s overall goals as well as to your specific sales targets.
Use three default criteria with which you’ll measure sales performance:

  1. Sales Increase of Existing Customers
  2. New Sales Delivered
  3. Price Increase Executed

Step 5 – Set Sales Objectives

Finally, the objectives are the numerical measures for your sales people to achieve.
For each criteria, define the numerical measures for the different point levels.

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