The 1-Hour Sales Leader – How to Craft Your Industrial Gas Sales Goals

You want to convert your company goals into sales targets?

Here is my 3-step process to determine your sales
goals in ONE day.

  1. Find Out Your Company Goals
  2. Define Your Sales Strategy
  3. Determine Your Sales Goals​

Step - 1 Find Out Your Company Goals

If your company is aggressively trying to take market share then the criteria will be sales increase over the last year coupled with secure base (contracts) and some lesser price consideration.

On the other hand, in a stable market where the main company goal is profitability, the emphasis should be on price increases together with growing present business and new business development.​

Step - 2 Define Your Sales Strategy

If your company goal is Profitability Increase then your sales strategy will be: SECURING YOUR PRESENT BUSINESS

Step - 3 Determine Sales Goals​

The most effective sales goals and tactics related to the secure present business strategy:

  •  Increase current sales from existing business 
  •  Increase number of new contracts with existing key clients
  •  Renew number of contracts
  •  Increase Number of Cylinder Certificates Sold to Existing Clients
  •  Increase Customer Satisfaction Index 

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