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Hi there!

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to create a customer profile rapidly.

It’s suboptimal to run your business without a computerized customer profile database. Isn’t it?
That’s why I’ve created this short workshop.

The goal is to transfer your sales people handbooks into customer profiles.

Your challenge is to know what your sales people know.

You’ll use my 3-step process to transfer what your sales people know to simple customer profiles in ONE hour.

How to Create Your Customer Profile in One Hour?

Watch the video, where you can follow the individual steps to the result.

Step – 1 Find Out Notebook Information

First you’ll find out what information your sales people presently have about their customers.

You’ll simply ask them to list what they know about their customers such as customer number, contacts, buyer groups, addresses, products, sales etc.
Also ask what they spontaneously would like to know about their customers.
Find out what reports they are using to run their business.

Step – 2 Design Basic Customer Profile

Next you’ll design a basic customer profile.

Create a list of what information should be available for each sales person, for customer service people, and for you as the sales manager (watch the video for an example).
Use the list and check off the information you have and the information you get from your sales people.

Step – 3 Create Customer Profile in One Hour

Finally you’ll create your customer and prospect profiles.

The basic customer profile, shown in the video, contains most information for the customer file.
This information will be logged in a file where it is available for authorized users.
Your sales people will record the information on their laptops.
This information will be transferred to the main network/ cloud.

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