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Hi there!

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to create your sales reporting in one hour.

You want to get insight into your market to maintain your leading competitive position. Don’t You?
That’s why I’ve created this short workshop.

The goal is to manage your sales activities effectively.

Your challenge is to have a simple system to manage this task.

You’ll use my 3-step process to establish a simple sales reporting in ONE hour.

How to Create Your Sales Reporting in One Hour?

Watch the video, where you can follow the individual steps to the result.

Step – 1 Create Customer Reporting

To be customer oriented, your sales people need reports by customer on a monthly basis.

First you’ll design a monthly customer summary report.

You’ll use the report to get insight into how effective your market activties are.

Step – 2 Create Prospect Reporting

Next, you’ll create your prospect reporting

You’ll treat your prospects in the same way as your existing customers.

You’ll plan to supply prospects within one quarter.
Use the prospect summary report for managing your start-up process effectively.

Step – 3 Create Progress Chart

Now, you’ll create your progress chart.
You’ll use your progress chart for visualizing sales development and sales performance graphically.

Design and create progress charts for:

  • Total Sales
  • Total New Sales
  • Price Development

and Focus Charts for:

  • # of invoicing mistakes
  • on time delivery
  • complete delivery ratio

In this short workshop we’ve created a simple sales reporting system with which you’ll manage your sales activities effectively.

Now, you can start designing and creating your own sales reporting with you team.
Wish You All Success!

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