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In this workshop, you will learn how to deliver customer satisfaction in one hour.

You want to overcome your road blocks to your final destination to a satisfied paid up customer.
That’s why I’ve created this short workshop showing the business case about the industrial gas business

The goal is to help managing your customer satisfaction process effectively.

Your challenge is to have a simple system to manage this task.

You’ll use my 3-step process to establish an effective customer satisfaction process in ONE hour.

How to Create Your Customer Satisfaction Process in One Hour?


Step – 1 Understanding Moments of Truth

Every time we interact with a customer, we form his perception of us.
Gas Purchasing is not a one-time purchase.
The Product is consumed continuously and purchases are automatic.
Therefore, relationship building and marketing becomes important.

Your sales peoples primary task is to become an authority builder.
He builds authority and credibility by solving customer problems competently.

Step – 2 Product Availability & Reliability

The focus on availability and reliability means long term contracts with suppliers.
This in turn has led to the low frequency of changing suppliers in the industrial gas industry.

If you manage availability and reliability effectively, your sales people can concentrate on
new business opportunities rather than taking customers from the competition on price.

Step – 3 Relationship Selling

To identify and execute new business opportunities successfully, your sales people need to be highly competent
in relationship selling.
Relationship selling requires a great deal of patience over a long period of time.
The goal is to build credibility and trust.

You’ll focus on eliminating any anxiety on your customer side by helping when needed.
You’ll coach your sales people in taking responsibility for solving customer problems,
helping them increasing their profitability, safety, health and environment of their entire industriol gas process.

Getting Started

In this short workshop we’ve created a simple sales reporting system with which you’ll manage your sales activities effectively.

Now, you can start designing and creating your own sales reporting with you team.
Wish You All Success!

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