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You want to avoid your customer run out of industrial gases.
Here is the sales policy which ensures your sales person is taking care of this issue

The industrial gas business has some pecularities of its own when it comes to sales that form our thinking about how to structure the sales process.

In general gas to our customers is a very small purchase compared with the main components and raw materials that they buy.

However, strategically it is very important, as a run out of product can mean that the production process or factory is idle.

The sales person is responsible for taking care of this issue, so our clients never run out of gases.

Here are the sales policies for direct customers to ensure a well functioning sales process:


Here is the general sales policy for ensuring an consistent sales process across the organization.

A. A sales person is defined as any person who has assigned responsibility for a direct customer or prospect

B.  A direct customer or prospect is defined as one that the sales person should visit and is:
– above a defined cut-off level in sales per year or
– has the potential for growing above that level within one year

C. Every customer and prospect for which the direct sales force is responsible shall have an individual forecast.

D. Every direct customer and prospect shall have an individual customer profile card in a database

E. Every sales person shall have a new-sales target or budget each year

F. Every direct customer should have a contract

H. Each sales person shall be responsible for maintaining information on a list of the important competitor customers

I. Every sales person shall make a weekly visit plan

J. A simple visit report or notes shall be recorded concerning each sales visit

K. All contacts with the direct customers by other company employees shall be recorded, preferably in a shared database

L. Each sales person shall have specified measureable criteria and goals, which must include:
– Base sales increase
– New business targets
– Price development

M. Every subsidiary/ business area shall define and measure key ratios for the salesforce performance

N. Every subsidiary / business area shall have measurements of customer satisfaction, customer service and complaints