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The One-Hour Supply Chain Leader – How to Thrive Stakeholder Leadership Rapidly

Hello and Welcome
Today we’ll learn how to create strategic partnerships with your key stakeholders

The digital information age is replacing the industrial age.
This provides new business opportunities for flexible and agile organizations

That’s why we have created this short video strategy to help you achieve your goal.

Your Strategic Goal: Thriving Stakeholder Value

Thriving stakeholder value is one the best new strategic business opportunities
That’s why top executives must initiate and lead the challenging process to thriving stakeholder value

Your Strategic Action: Establish Relationships with Your Key Stakeholders Rapidly

If you want to make your digital venture a success then you need a breakthrough strategy that creates sustainable stakeholder value.

You’ll use this framework to evaluate the e-Business readiness of your key stakeholders, their technical maturity and their capability to use web-based business tools.
Targeting dynamic e-business leaders will thrive your digital business and leadership rapidly.

Apply two simple strategies to drive digital leadership rapidly:
1. Make your digital leaders your strategic partners
2. Join forces with the followers and movers to thrive digital leadership

Today, we have learned, how to create strategic partnerships with your key stakeholders.
Now it’s your turn. I wish you all success