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The Information Technology industry has been a hotbed of innovation, with numerous individuals making significant contributions that have revolutionized the way we live and work.

Here are the top 10 business innovators in the IT industry:

1. **Bill Gates**
*Background*: Co-founder of Microsoft, Gates is a Harvard dropout who changed the world of personal computing.
*Innovation*: The Windows operating system.
*Strategy*: Gates focused on making technology accessible to everyone. *Actions*: He developed software that was user-friendly and compatible with various hardware.
*Success Factors*: His vision, perseverance, and ability to adapt to market changes.

2. **Steve Jobs**
*Background*: Co-founder of Apple Inc., Jobs was an innovator who transformed multiple industries.
*Innovation*: The iPhone, which revolutionized mobile technology.
*Strategy*: Jobs focused on creating products with excellent design and user experience.
*Actions*: He led the development of several groundbreaking products like the iPod, iPhone, and iPad.
*Success Factors*: His relentless focus on innovation and design.

3. **Mark Zuckerberg**
*Background*: Founder of Facebook, Zuckerberg is a Harvard dropout who changed social networking.
*Innovation*: Facebook, which transformed how people connect and communicate online.
*Strategy*: Zuckerberg aimed to make the world more open and connected. *Actions*: He created a platform that allowed people to share their lives online. *Success Factors*: His vision, persistence, and understanding of user behavior.

4. **Larry Page and Sergey Brin**
*Background*: Co-founders of Google, Page and Brin are Stanford Ph.D. dropouts who revolutionized internet search.
*Innovation*: Google Search Engine
*Strategy*: They aimed to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible.
*Actions*: They developed an algorithm that could analyze the relationships among websites.
*Success Factors*: Their technical expertise, vision, and ability to scale their business.

5. **Jeff Bezos**
*Background*: Founder of Amazon, Bezos turned a small online bookstore into a global e-commerce giant.
*Innovation*: and the concept of online retailing.
*Strategy*: Bezos focused on customer satisfaction above all else.
*Actions*: He expanded Amazon’s product range and introduced innovations like Prime and Kindle.
*Success Factors*: His customer-centric approach, long-term vision, and willingness to take risks.

6. **Elon Musk**
*Background*: CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, Musk is an entrepreneur who aims to revolutionize transportation on earth and space.
*Innovation*: Electric vehicles (Tesla) and reusable rockets (SpaceX).
*Strategy*: Musk focuses on solving significant problems that will impact humanity’s future.
*Actions*: He has led the development of groundbreaking technologies in electric vehicles and space travel.
*Success Factors*: His vision, determination, and ability to challenge traditional industries.

7. **Jack Ma**
*Background*: Founder of Alibaba Group, Ma is a former English teacher who built one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms.
*Strategy*: Ma aimed to create a platform that would allow small Chinese businesses to sell globally.
*Actions*: He built a robust platform that caters to both B2B and B2C markets. *Success Factors*: His understanding of the Chinese market, perseverance, and leadership skills.

8. **Reed Hastings**
*Background*: Co-founder of Netflix, Hastings is an entrepreneur who transformed how we consume entertainment.
*Innovation*: Streaming service Netflix
*Strategy*: Hastings aimed to offer a convenient way for people to watch movies and TV shows.
*Actions*: He transitioned Netflix from a DVD rental service to a streaming platform and later into content production.
*Success Factors*: His foresight, adaptability, and understanding of consumer behavior.

9. **Satya Nadella**
*Background*: CEO of Microsoft, Nadella is an engineer who transformed Microsoft’s business model.
*Innovation*: Shifting Microsoft to cloud computing with Azure.
*Strategy*: Nadella focused on making Microsoft a leader in the cloud computing space.
*Actions*: He led the development and expansion of Microsoft Azure.
*Success Factors*: His technical expertise, leadership skills, and ability to drive change.

10. **Sheryl Sandberg**
*Background*: COO of Facebook, Sandberg is a business leader who played a crucial role in making Facebook profitable.
*Innovation*: Monetizing Facebook through targeted advertising.
*Strategy*: Sandberg focused on creating an advertising model that would leverage Facebook’s user data.
*Actions*: She built a robust advertising platform that drives the majority of Facebook’s revenue.
*Success Factors*: Her business acumen, leadership skills, and understanding of digital advertising.

In conclusion, these innovators have not only transformed the IT industry but also significantly impacted our daily lives. Their success can be attributed to their vision, perseverance, technical expertise, and understanding of market needs. They have shown that with the right combination of these factors, it is possible to create groundbreaking innovations that can change the world.