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How to Move from Creating Assets to Generate Sustained Income

If you want to create virtual assets that generate sustained income, then you need a proven strategy to succeed.

Apply the VIRTUAL ASSET LEADERSHIP MODEL strategy to move from creating your virtual asset that generated sustained income in 3 steps

3 Steps to Move from Creating Objective to Creating Virtual Assets To Generate Sustained Income

Here are the 3 steps to move from creating objective to THE VIRTUAL ASSET LEADERSHIP MODEL

Determine Objective Define your SMART objective. – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timebound

Choose Your Business ModelChoose your business model –  the digital platform builder, the digital educator, the content creator

Create AssetCreate your digital asset – content-focused, information apps, online courses, e-books, SaaS – software as a service, service-focused, e-commerce, marketplace, membership

RapidKnowHow – Building Virtual Assets

If we want to drive sustainable profitability and growth, then we need a practical business model to succeed

We apply the RapidKnowHow BUILDING VIRTUAL ASSETS Model to move from product sales model to the e-Business model to create virtual assets that generate sustained passive and active income.

3 Steps to Create Virtual Assets That Generate Sustained Income

Step 1 DETERMINE YOUR OBJECTIVE(from idea to objective)The key to creating the appropriate virtual asset is for you, as the business designer, to be clear, first and foremost, about the specific objective you want to achieve

Step 2 IDENTIFY YOUR BUSINESS MODEL(from objective to business model)The objective you’ve determined will always imply one to three basic kinds of business models: the digital platform builder, the digital educator, or the content creator

Step 3 CREATE ASSET(from business model to asset)Each business model will lead, in turn, to one of the three virtual assets described belowLet’s discuss three virtual assets in detail.

Thriving Leadership

Building Your Digital Coaching Platform

Creating our Digital Coaching Platform to become the leading business coaches in our Field AND generate active income from business coaching

The ASSET is our digital coaching platform (example: www.rapidknowhow.com) which attracts leaders who want to thrive leadership in the specific sector or competence.Leaders want to turn their objectives into results rapidly to remain ahead of their competitors

Professional business coaches provide practical strategies, tools and innovative business models that help leaders to succeed.

Leaders learn from the extensive experience of their business coaches that help to turn their challenging objectives into measurable results rapidly and sustainably.

After finishing the coaching session leaders transmit the coaching fee ($/€ 150.–/hour) via PayPal or other platforms to the bank account of the business coach.

Thriving Leadership

Building Your Digital Education System

Creating our Online Courses to Become the Authority Teacher in our Field AND Generate Passive Income from Courses

The ASSET is our authority online course platform which attracts the right students and tutors.The course description has to outline what the student will learn and how to transfer it into practice rapidly. Students will pay and access the course on our own course platform or/and on online marketplaces such as Udemy.

Professional online course builders will attract expert tutors who build their professional authority and grow their income.

After finishing the courses, students will be redirected to related courses, and the cycle continues.

Thriving Leadership

Building Your Authority Platform

Running our Authority Blog to Become the Authority in our Field AND Generate Affiliate Commissions

The ASSET is our authority blog which attracts the right readers with an interesting and specific article title. The title is the first thing that readers notice.- It has to be specific because we want the article to emerge in the search results for the right keyword searches. In other words, you want to attract only potential customers.

It also has to be interesting enough to entice SEARCH users to click on our article, finish reading the entire article. So we write the article action-oriented to achieve a specific objective efficiently.

After finishing reading the article, we’ll redirect readers to our recommended affiliate offers. Best affiliate offers are RECOMMENDED TOOLS that help our readers to turn the objective into results rapidly.

Thriving Leadership

The RapidKnowHow Business Model

If you want to achieve your strategic objective rapidly, then you need a practical business model to succeed

Apply the RapidKnowHow Business Model: BUILDING VIRTUAL ASSET SYSTEM to achieve your strategic objectives rapidly and effectively.

To Your Success

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