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In this short video workshop, we’ll learn how to use LinkedIn as an effective Job Search Tool. Let’s Get Started!

Here’re my top 7 tips to finding a job on LinkedIn. When using them you will find your job and you’ll be found by recruiters rapidly.

  1. Create Your Professional Profile
  2. Develop a Solid Network
  3. Get Business References
  4. Use Relevant Keywords
  5. Focus on Results not on Tasks
  6. Post a Resume
  7. Seeking Employment the right way

Tip 1: Create Your Professional Profile

LinkedIn reports that members with a complete profile generate 40 times more opportunities than those whose profiles aren’t complete.

Tip 2: Develop a Solid Network

Your ability to use job search features on LinkedIn depends on having at least 50 connections to maximize the benefits of these features.

Tip 3: Get References 

A complete profile includes at least three recommendations .

Get references from managers, executives or actual clients. Peer recommendations carry far less weight.

Tip 4: Use Relevant Keywords

Relevant keywords include your specific skills, certifications and degrees.

Recruiters search for these words, and your profile should include them if you want to be found.

Tip 5: Focus on Results

Remember that your profile is a concise summary of your skills on how you deliver results, not a resume.

Emphasie your results and accomplishments; don’t just list tasks you performed.

Tip 6: Post a Resume

By using LinkedIn applications such as files you can attach a resume in PDF format to your profile.

Tip 7: Seeking New Opportunities

If you’re unemployed, inclue this information in your status, professional headline or summary.

But don’t sound desperate, but let your network know that you’re looking for new opportunities.

Your ultimate goal is build an  income generating portfolio where LinkedIn Job Search is one of your channels.

Others may include:

  • Creating and Selling:
    • Online Courses
    • e-Books
    • Business Apps
    • Digital Magazines etc.

In this short video workshop we’ve learned how to use LinkedIn as an effective Job Seach tool.

Now it’s your turn! Wish You All Success! Thanks for Sharing.