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You are an employee manager who wants escape the ongoing downsizing, restructuring and firing programs sustainably.

First, you’ll want to understand what’s the difference between an employee and an entrepreneur.

How to Evolve from Employee to Entrepreneur

I’ve worked as an employee starting as an operational economy assistant and climbed the ranks to an SVP for a DAX 30 company after 30 years. Then I began my entrepreneurial career in 2002.
So, you can trust that I’ve experienced most of the situations as entrepreneur and employee.

Below you’ll find a short infographic that demonstrates the transformation process from employee to an entrepreneur




  • The EMPLOYEE can only survive in companies when having strong leadership skills, problem-solving abilities and transferring goals into sustainable cash flows rapidly.
  • The ENTREPRENEUR can only create a sustainable business by finding out new market opportunities in an early stage, creating a business plan rapidly and seeking advice and insights from other entrepreneurs and investors.