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In RAPIDKNOWHOW 75 – you have outlined your  Quick Win program.

Now it’s time to appoint your program leader for implementing your digital QUICK WIN program rapidly.

Your program leader will act on the right quick win opportunities that generate cash flow rapidly.

You will choose your program leader in-house , because he needs to have the credibility of delivering results related to your companies mission and strategic objectives.

Choosing Your Digital Program Leader

Here is a simple Digital Leader Profile that helps you find and choose your digital program leader rapidly.


Digital Leadership Profile

Has a strategic mindset, global perspective, business insight and strong decision making quality


Has functional experience in sales and business development, project management experience in international assignments, turnaround and start-up  management positions


Assertive, risk taking, confident personality and aptitude for logic and reasoning.


Driven by status, autonomy, helping people succeed and turning challenges into sustainable results rapidly.