The 1-Hour Digital Leader – How to Design Your Home Page in One Hour

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If you want to attract high-value clients and make them stay on your website, then you’ll need to design a home page that will make your visitors to take actions you want them to do.

How to design your home page that will make your visitors take actions you want them to do?
There are five recent design trends for effective home-pages:

1. Big Bold Headline Designs
The Headline Focuses on Benefit of Taking Actions such as email signup, contact use or a sales video

2. People Focused
You’ll create a message on how your services help your target person achieve a specific goal

3. “One-Page Layered” Design
Your visitor can scroll down your website through 3 sections:
The Primary Goal Section that consists of your compelling headline, the value proposition and your call to action button
The Secondary Goal Section filters visitors into areas of great interest to them like services pages, tutorials, opt-in offers
The Third Goal Section is your Bio Section that creates empathy and bond with visitors.
You’ll start with a bold headline where you provide the value proposition for your visitor.
You might use another call-to-action if appropriate such as contact us.

4. Single Column Blog
You’ll create your blog posts as one column landing pages, so your reader doesn’t get distracted by other information. You want your reader read your blog and take a specific action; you want her to do after reading the post.

5. Call-to-Action
Always have a call to action button where your reader takes actions such as: to access the blog page, downloads a free lead magnet for providing the name and email address etc.

High Value Attracting Websites

Markitekt communicates what results their clients will achieve.

AirBnB communicates what benefits their services give their clients

Optimzely communicates what benefits their clients deliver to their clients.

Ian Brodie communicates what results his clients achieve in a simple, straightforward manner.

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