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How to Solve Leadership Challenges in 2020+

Seasoned CEOs admit that people are the most precious assets in the digital age. They need to take focused actions to find, develop and grow their leadership talents to stay competitive in the digital age in FORBES article: 15 Big Challenges You’ll Face As A Modern CEO (And How To Solve Them)

15 Big Leadership Challenges and Opportunities

1. Making Space For Reflection

My CEO clients know and believe that time and space for reflection and thinking is crucial for clarity and strategic process. And they have a hard time finding the space. Many clients are scheduling space in their calendars and challenging themselves to treat it as a priority just as they do other meetings. – Renelle DarrInSight Coaching & Consulting

One way to reflect is by combining your morning jogging exercise. Here oxygen and fresh air help you reflect.

2. Navigating And Communicating Constant Change

I haven’t worked with an organization or leader who isn’t struggling with how to navigate change, whether it is in the organization itself or industry overall. The keys to leading change are trust and clear communication. Build trust with your teams by creating avenues for open, two-way communication, not only about the change itself but also timing and impact. – Tonya EcholsThrive Coaching Solutions

Why not establish high-performance teams for thriving the transformation process from shareholder value to stakeholder value

3. Making Progress Amidst Chaos

It is so easy to get distracted and be pulled in so many directions when trying to balance creating an exciting future while maximizing results today. Taking the time to communicate constantly and engage your teams in both the excitement of creation as well as the dedication to providing results can ensure that you provide the reassurance and sense of stability an organization needs. – Rose CartolariRose Cartolari C

Define Focus Objectives ” Increase Sales from $ 6.000 to $ 12.000 by September 30. Build a dedicated task-force to turn your objective into results

4. Staying Ahead Of The Competition

With other companies offering a similar service to yours, how do you stay competitive in a crowded marketplace? Instead of focusing on the competition, get intimate with your company’s unique differentiators and value proposition. Remove yourself from the commodity market that competes on price and quality, and focus on innovating your unique approach, exceptional skills and customer intimacy. – Michela QuiliciMQ Consulting and Business Training, Inc.

Change from head-to-head competition to creating the New MarketSpace, thereby you’ll drive market value, stakeholder value AND leading the market expansion

5. Finding Talent In A Good Economy

Most of my CEO clients struggle to find good help. It’s the curse of a good economy. In bad times, employees are everywhere. In good times, all the good employees are happily employed and taken care of. You must learn to recruit talent in a good economy. You have to seek out employees because most are happy and not seeking further employment. – Ryan StewmanBreak Free AcademyForbes Coaches Council is an invitation-only community for leading business and career coaches. Do I qualify?

Your company must be walking the talk in providing challenging and interesting programs for leadership talents.

6. Overwhelm

Many of my CEO/executive clients seem completely overwhelmed, mostly by problems coming at them 24/7. I teach them prioritization techniques, and I also serve as a “vent buddy” for them. Having a vent buddy is really helpful. It needs to be someone trustworthy and discreet, who will listen, not judge, not try to solve the problems, but just be there for venting. – Gregg WardThe Gregg Ward Group

Helping executives to change from the competiton mindset to the sustainability creator

7. Retaining Top Talent

In today’s economy, jobs (and better-paying ones) are plentiful. Companies need to find ways to engage employees in new ways, and it may be different for each one. Are they mission-driven? Are they vision-driven? Do they thrive on cooperation/teamwork? Understand what drives each employee and create a work experience that matches them. – Adam KipnesCoach Adam Kipnes

Best companies use business narratives/business ideas that inspire people to act and deliver.

8. Building A Strong Management Team

Having a strong management team will have the most impact on any challenge a CEO/executive is struggling with. As companies grow, they often outpace their management expertise. A CEO should focus their time on getting the right managers in place (from internal or external sources), and then have consistent management meetings focused on strategic initiatives and problem solving. – Erin HoffmanCollaboration Business Consulting

Best companies understand that leaders thrive strategic initiatives and problem-solving. Nominate leadership champions from your top-management team to thrive transformation rapidly.

9. Creating Safe And Supportive Environments

With everything in the news and the #MeToo era, many leaders are struggling with promoting and maintaining safe and supportive work environments. An easy way to do this is by promoting a simple statement: people first. Then couple this statement with values of how people will work and communicate with each other in a people-first initiative. Make sure to reinforce this through goals and training. – Kristy McCannGoCoach

Establish the RapidKnowHow business approach to turn objectives into rapid results. Leadership talents drive the process while artificial intelligence tools and systems making the process more efficient.

10. Email Overload

A key to managing time is understanding that your priorities and daily “to dos” must come first. Responding to emails has to wait. Look at it this way: Your “to dos” are your priorities. The emails in your inbox are other people’s priorities. Take care of your business first! We have all sat down just to clear a few emails in the past only to find that we spent an entire day responding to them. – Dr. Josh LukeHealth-Wealth.com

Define the value of Emailing for your target person. Does the specific Email help John or Ann make their jobs easier and more efficient?

11. Staying Relevant And Professional On Social Media

Many CEOs find it challenging to navigate the world of social media, which is growing daily and here to stay. Being hip and trendy while remaining professional can be tough for some executives. You must learn the dos and don’ts, and you must remember that just because something is effective doesn’t mean it’s professional. – Pasha CarterThe VIP Network

Use social media to build mutually beneficial relationships with your genuine business friends

12. Taking Stands On Social Issues

Social issues and business really don’t mix well. However, CEOs are being pressured by stockholders and employees to take a stand on issues like immigration, for example. This is a slippery slope. You can’t please everyone. But you can address issues of those where it matters most — as long as you represent company values. – Randy BlockRandy Block

You need to decide either you please the short-term requests of shareholders or you build long-term value for loyal stakeholders

13. Nurturing A Strong Company Culture

My clients find it challenging to nurture their company culture in the current climate and as their company grows. They are keen on retaining their vibrant, collaborative cultures, so I advise them to capture what that means first. Their clear vision enables them to integrate culture nourishment into operations and continuously evolve. For example, they identify how training and rewards align with the culture. – Kelly Tyler ByrnesVoyage Consulting Group

Establish learning in action processes to create the agile, engaging result-driven organisation

14. Choosing The Right Opportunities

Forward-thinking CEOs are constantly seeking then filtering opportunities to grow and strengthen their businesses. Which ones are the best ones to pursue? That is the toughest part for them, and frankly for most of us. Learning to say no to opportunities that don’t meet the company’s growth and value criteria is essential, so that precious and finite time is spent on the best opportunities. – Evan RothRoth Consultancy International, LLC.

Leading companies create and launch new opportunities. How? They establish an innovative business model program that thrives market innovation and innovation leadership

15. Defining A Legacy

When the economy is hot, executives feel pressure to take larger-than-normal risks to grow the company’s brand. Coupling this with the human needs of personal growth and the service of others, CEOs may take action on deals that don’t align with the company’s mission. I encourage clients to define their personal mission first and find alignment between it, the deal, and the company’s objectives. – Michael S. SeaverSeaver Consulting, LLC

Growing your company organically by leveraging your strategic strengths. Avoid deals which are not aligned to your strategic goals.

How to Thrive Leadership in 2020+

It is a matter of fact that the new leaders are specialists in identifying leadership talents.

They know how to provide challenging tasks, projects and programs to drive sustainable market value and stakeholder value.

That’s why leading companies emphasize people skills such as rapid problem solving, stakeholder communication, creating and launching cash-flow generating digitalized business models.

Leading companies are the MOVERS who establish a strategic 3 years program to move from the current position as product supplier to the business integrator.


That’s why RapidKnowHow creates, develops and launches strategic programs that help leaders to move from the current head-to-head competition to MARKET SPACE LEADERSHIP

The MarketSpace Leader expands the market value to generate stakeholder satisfaction.

That’s why the MarketSpace Leadership Business Model will thrive stakeholder value in the digital age.