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Hello and Welcome!

In this short video workshop we’ll evaluate proposals from industrial gas suppliers rapidly. Let’s get started

We’ll go ahead evaluating proposals effectively.

How to Evaluate Proposals Effectively

Here’s how we’ll evaluate proposals effectively.

First, we’ll outline a standardized evaluation model which you can use for evaluating the RFPs from industrial gas suppliers.

Next, you’ll evaluate each proposal by assigning weights to each component and sub-component.

You’ll also assign scoring (max 5 – Min 1) to each component.

Finally, we’ll model the bottom line impact.


Top 2 Task to Do

Here’re the top 2 tasks to do:

Task 1 – Develop Evaluation Criteria

Task 2 – Evaluate Proposals

Task 1 – Develop Evaluation Criteria

Since the team represents different functions and interests in the program, it’s important to achieve consensus on the :

  • RFP Components
  • Total Weights
  • RFP Sub- Components
  • Subtotal Weights

You’ll start developing the components and sub-components by using the example in the video for inspiration.

To reach consensus, the team should conduct a process where each member proposes weights for the major components (total weights).

Functional ressponsible team members take ownership for the sub-total weights.

Task 2 – Evaluate Proposals

Once weights are assigned to each component and sub component, the team evaluates the proposals.

For each line itm a scoring is assigned: Maximimum score is 5 while the minimum score is 1.

Every team member will review proposals.

After 3 days, the team gathers to reach consensus on the scoring for each supplier.

One of the most important aspects of the evaluation process is analysing the proposed service costs of industrial gases offered by each future service provider.

You’ll estimate the bottom-line impact of each proposal for the duration of the contract which is usually 3 years.

For finding out the bottom line impact, you’ll use your baseline dates to compare scenarios.


In this short video workshop, we’ve evaluated the bidders proposals rapidly and effectively.

Now it’s your turn! Wish You All Success! Thanks for Sharing.