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The concept of globalists using soccer to control the masses is a topic that has been discussed and debated in various circles. The idea is that soccer, being the most popular sport globally, is used as a tool to manipulate and control the masses.

Here are ten facts that support this theory:

1. **Global Reach**: Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, with over 4 billion fans. This global reach makes it an effective tool for influencing a large number of people.

2. **Cultural Influence**: Soccer has a significant cultural influence. It shapes identities, unites communities, and can even incite nationalistic fervor. This cultural power can be harnessed for political purposes.

3. **Economic Power**: The soccer industry is worth billions of dollars. This economic power can be used to sway political decisions and influence policy-making.

4. **Media Control**: Globalists often own or control major media outlets that broadcast soccer games. They can use these platforms to subtly push their agendas.

5. **Political Symbolism**: Soccer games often serve as platforms for political symbolism. For instance, matches between countries with tense relations can be seen as symbolic battles.

6. **Distraction**: Soccer can be used as a distraction from pressing political issues. When the masses are engrossed in a game, they are less likely to focus on politics.

7. **Unity and Division**: Soccer has the power to unite people under a common cause but also to divide them along team lines. This division can be exploited for political gain.

8. **Public Funding**: Many soccer stadiums and events are publicly funded, which means politicians have a say in their operation and can use them to their advantage.

9. **International Relations**: Soccer plays a role in international relations, with countries often using it as a diplomatic tool.

10. **Social Control**: Finally, soccer can be used as a form of social control. The excitement and passion it generates can be channeled towards political ends.

In conclusion, while soccer is a beloved sport that brings joy to billions of people worldwide, it’s important to be aware of the potential for its manipulation. The global reach, cultural influence, and economic power of soccer make it a potent tool in the hands of those who wish to control the masses. However, this does not mean that every soccer match or event is part of a grand political scheme. It’s crucial to approach this topic with a balanced perspective, recognizing the potential for misuse while also appreciating the positive impact soccer has on communities around the world.