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So you want to transfer your industrial gas strategy expert skills into a strategy advisor model.

Your goal is to help chosen key account customers to understand how to optimize total cost of ownership by establishing a strategic partnership with your primary supplier – case: industrial gases.

Your ultimate objective is to become the primary industrial gas strategy advisor for chosen key account customers.
That’s why I created this innovative business modelling video that helps to build your strategy in one day.

Strategy Advisor  for Optimizing Total Cost of Ownership and Creating a Strategic Partnership

9 Steps to transfer your business goal into your innovative business model in one hour

Step 1 – Customers First, you’ll identify your top 10 key accounts. Those customers who deliver the highest cash flow for ten years.
You’ll target supply chain managers who understand the topic, want to lead the process and driving their career

Step 2 – Value Provided Your value proposition is to demonstrate how the industrial gas industry can optimize total cost of ownership by 10% and create a strategic partnership with its primary service provider rapidly.

Step 3 – Channels You can outreach to your clients by phone and LinkedIn in-mail.

Step 4 – Customer Relationships  Your goal is to establish strategic partnerships with your chosen top 10 key accounts

Step 5 –  Revenues Your revenue goal is to help your clients reduce total cost of ownership. You’ll charge a daily consulting fee.

Step 6 – Key Resources You’ll offer in-person private conversations with thought leaders of the company.

You’ll create a 10 -20 page executive report on :

Digital Supply Chain Leadership Delivered
Getting insight into how the industrial gas industry optimizes total cost of ownership or its entire supply chain.

Step 7 – Key Activities You’ll discuss this paper with members of your prospect during a strategic session.

Step 8 – Key Partners RapidKnowHow provides services for creating the strategy, outlining the report, preparing the strategy meeting for achieving results.

Step 9 – Costs The investments for our services are a fee per day.

Tool to Use

Use the template below for designing your business model
Next you’ll transfer your business model into sales in one month or less.

3 Steps to Transfer Your Business Model into Sales in One Month

After you’ve designed your business model, you’ll transfer it to your first business.

Here is my three-step process that helps to achieve your goal.

1. Contacting the Decision Maker
2. Arranging the Meeting
3. Managing the Meeting and Follow Up Successfully

1. Contacting the Decision Maker

One surefire pain point for most organisations is financial:
Most organisations are eager to increase revenue or reduce costs.

You’ll employ your own blueprint or using our proprietary blueprint:
Optimizing Total Cost of Ownership – Creating a Blueprint for a Strategic Partnership

You’ll contact the Supply Chain Manager of your target company and sector either directly or via referrals/door openers using the power of LinkedIn.
RapidKnowHow provides referral strategies for achieving your goal.

2. Arranging the Meeting

Approach decision makers with warmest possible references or in case the targeted decision maker knows you in “action”; you’ll contact him directly.
There is a simple rule of thumb: Ask yourself the question: If I call him, is he taking the call?

Directly and boldly approaching a decision-maker is your most powerful choice.
When contacting decision-makers, you might say:

I think you have a significant opportunity to optimize total cost of ownership and I have a proven business blueprint for choosing your primary service provider and establish a strategic partnership for optimizing total cost of ownership you may find convincing. Can we get together?

3. Managing the Meeting & Follow Up Successfully

When you meet the decision-maker and his team, first you’ll short introduce yourself and your way of solving customers’ problems.

You’ll ask your speaking partner(s) whether to focus on exploring further the blueprint.
Your speaking partner will agree or ask for a correction.

If your understanding is correct, your speaking partner might say:

How would you recommend we solve this problem? (Just what you want to hear!)

On the other hand, if your understanding wasn’t entirely accurate, your speaking partner may elaborate on the real opportunities or problems his organisation faces.

Regardless how the meeting unfolds, stick to your goal of proposing to help establishing a proven process for optimizing total cost of ownership by establishing a strategic partnership with the primary service provider rapidly

If your speaking partner accepts your offer to submit a written proposal for running an in-house seminar with supply, purchasing ,sales and controlling, promise to deliver the offer in a week or less.
Then thank your speaking partner and exit gracefully.

Follow up with a brief “Thank You” email confirming agreed items, and the delivery date of your offer.

If your speaking partner declines your offer for help, it’s time to approach different prospective customers.

If multiple prospects decline your offer, it’s time to revise your business model for better meeting customer needs.

Get Started to Succeed

Now it’s your turn. Create your innovative strategy adviser model in one hour. Wish You All Success!

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